LNH: Those Darn Vectors! #4

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 25 12:28:41 PDT 2012

Vector Lime, Vector Mime, and Vector Slime were all sitting at a table 
together.  Also joining them was some girl with silver hair and a big 
silver purse.  The four girls were having good time gossiping and 
drinking their mochochino shakee shakee shakes (or whatever people drink 
at Startup.Bucks).  And then the waitress came.  Came with the bill.

The four of them looked at the bill.  And the three Vectors looked at 
the girl with the silver hair.

The girl with the silver hair shook her head.  "Forget it!  I'm not 
paying this time!  I always pay!"

Vector Mime pulled out her empty pockets and made a sad face.  A very 
sad face.

"I'd pay," said Vector Lime.  "But I won't get my first paycheck till 
next week."

"And all I have is slime," said Vector Slime.  "I don't think they take 
slime.  Pretty sure they don't."

"Fine!" said the silver haired girl taking her large silver purse.  She 
emptied the contents on the table, which mostly seemed to be a lot of 
dimes.  "There!"

"But this is the last time!  The very last time," said Vector Dime.  "No 
more.  No More!!"

    -=V=- -=V=- -=V=- -=V=- -=V=- -=V=- -=V=- -=V=- -=V=- -=V=-

          'Buddy, could you spare a -- VECTOR DIME!?'

                     by Arthur Spitzer

    -=V=- -=V=- -=V=- -=V=- -=V=- -=V=- -=V=- -=V=- -=V=- -=V=-


Vector concept: Rob Rogers
The rest of the characters -- Mine

Writer's Notes:  Okay -- this will be the last one I'll probably do. 
Please feel free to write more issues if you want.  All the Vectors here 
are Free For Use characters.

Arthur "Vector I'm Done..." Spitzer

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