META/LNH: And what was your favorite SW10 year?

Adrian J. McClure mrfantastic7 at
Sun Apr 22 19:37:17 PDT 2012

My favorite alternate history idea I'd like to explore someday is what
if Tecumseh had actually succeeded in setting up Prophetstown and won
the Battle of Tippecanoe. (This is actually local history for me,
since I'm a Hoosier.) From what I remember this was closer to
happening than you'd think--Tecumseh couldn't reach the final battle
in time and his brother Tenskwatawa, while an inspiring spiritual
leader, was not that great of a strategist. If he had made it they
could have stood much more of a chance. Surprisingly, I can't think of
any work that's explored this.

AJM (what if I stopped procrastinating?)

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