REVIEWS: End Of Month Reviews #98 - February 2012 [Spoilers]

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Sat Apr 21 13:11:41 PDT 2012

On Sat, 21 Apr 2012 10:16:41 +0000 (UTC), Lalo Martins wrote:

> What Andrew said. In fact, *everything* Andrew said, pretty much.

Woo!  I'm accurate!

> And the “counterpartness” will also have some major differences; for one 
> thing, none of those characters has any ties with any other LNH20 
> characters not belonging to me, which was a huge part of the original 
> conceit for Acra Flight.

Misfits! Teens in Trenchcoats! Other stuff that was coming out in 1999 and

> So Danny is now no longer the former sidekick of Contraption Man, although 
> you could maybe argue he's more or less the LNH20 counterpart of 
> Contraption Man himself, if you like arguing, which I guess many of us do.

Well, we do have Doc Contraption and Configuration Man, so.
> Howie was of course an inch from being a sparrow rather than a kiwi, glad 
> we sorted that out in time. I made a small nod to this aborted change in 
> the story: his assumed name in the comune is “Harry Sparrow”, which was 
> going to be his new name if he had switched species (and a homage to 
> Blink).

"Don't blink." "Don't worry, I have no eyelids!"

> BTW the Looniverse versions are still around. I'll put them in a somewhat
> special case of usability:
> 1. You can use any of them that are alive by the time of the last posted 
> 58.5, except Fan Boy, Sammy, and Whino Lad, which are reserved.
> 2. But you have to either ask me privately what happens to them in the 
> end, or email me your story before you post so I can let you know whether 
> it contradicts my version of history. That's only so far as the unposted 
> remainder of 58.5; the plans I had for them *after* that are officially 
> cancelled, so from the point they disappear, they're up for grabs.

Quite reasonable.

> 3. However, if you want to post a story set in the Infinite April period, 
> and specifically before the Incident, by all means go ahead without asking 
> me. Just try to figure out which issues are chronologically close and check 
> for inconsistencies. I have a timeline in a text file if you want.

Ooooh, neat.  That'll be useful for my ILC issues.

> Also one thing Frost said in that issue (IIRC): nobody is quite sure if 
> she's *unable* to focus/remember, or maybe she just can't be bothered. 
> There's some strong indications towards the latter, because she can be 
> pretty persistent when she wants to, holding on to a single activity for oh 
> wow is that a squirrel? Whee! Brb

Makes sense.  That allows you to have some future issue where you show her
being genuinely scary when she *is* focused.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, Infinite Lurgi Crisis

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