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Andrew Perron observed:
> Heh heh heh.  Man, updating the LNH timeline, EDH was nothing 
> compared to some of the stuff (summarized at the end as "Where 
> The Heck Does This Go").
True, but it's a gag I've used before, so I wanted to run with it.
> It's interesting that he's not angsting at all about either the 
> reasons he's locked out of the Plot Device Room *or* the fact 
> that people don't trust him because of those actions.
Yes.  And without going into all the minutiue of why he thinks like 
that, the quick summary would be to quote Eleanor Roosevelt: 'Do 
what you feel in your heart to be right, for you'll be criticised 
>> The discussion concludes with the pithy summary that   the forces of 
>> comedy and drama are simultaneously making the world more random and 
>> structured (drama to give the universe form, and comedy to give it 
>> movement?  If so, then there's another idea from LNH classic),
> Ooooooh, I like that.
It's reworking of a line from an old Starlin comic, where Master Order and 
Lord Chaos state their depenence on each other: 'Order to give the 
universe form, chaos to give it movement'  And now that I come to think 
about it, I can't remember if I've actually used that line in a 
net.comic, or if it's simply something I've had tucked away for eventual 
>>      In part 12 the p ## ower put  ## out by the Spoon of Destiny and 
>> the Retcon Ball causes ## the city  ## of Net.ropolis to float into 
>> the air, as well as being  ##  revealed  ## as what's causing Doc 
>> Nostalgia to be in two places at  ## once.
> I thought it was also implied that Mother Time had something to do 
> with that.
I'd forgotten about Mother Time.
>>                                 - but I haven't been paying enough 
>> attention to the backhistory discussions on the lnh-authors mailing 
>> list to know which ones (if any) have been transported across from the 
>> original setting, and which ones are their LNH20 counterparts.
> I believe they're all LNH20 counterparts; Lalo seems very much into 
> Adaptation Distilling them down to their basic concepts, and importing 
> the classic versions would run counter to that - especially as we 
> still haven't found out what happens to them in the end.
Okay.  I'll  try to keep that in mind.
>>  But the
>> newcomer that the group gets to boggle at is the  obsessive compulsive 
>> Sgt Charles T. Carver, who they  meet when the army arrives to take the 
>> miscreants into  custody.
> He seems less "obsessive compulsive" and more "wack-a-doodle".
Very probably.
>> (I have a half-baked but amusing
>> vision of Masterplan Lad roaming
>> around the LNH20 setting acting as an antihero, trying to undermine 
>> the setting purely because he sees it as the product of a villainous 
>> scheme and therefore illegitimate.)
> See, I don't think something LNH20-style is what MPL's worried about.  
> He seems more focused on a DC-style take-what-exists-apart than an 
> Ultimate Universe.
> Good point.
>>      [ Twitter appeared, moving in with super speed.  "Hey wow.  Will 
>> you look at this mess," she said, gazing around the mess in a 
>> particularly sightseer-ish way.
> Oh my. <3 (Oh hey, I should put these appearances in the wiki...)
Er.  While that's a nice idea, if you put in everyone's minor appearnaces
I think you'll be creating a lot of work for yourself.
>>      [ "There's never anyone around to call on," he explained in a 
>> reasonable tone.  Or what he hoped was a reasonable tone.  He was 
>> feeling kind of woozy.  "The Writers always contrive for there to be 
>> only as many people as they need to drive the plot.  You know that."
> Well jeez dude!  It could've just as easily been an epic team-up battle 
> if you weren't such a lone wolf! >:/
[stares]  Are you implying that ARAK should go and join a sub-team?
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