REVIEWS: End Of Month Reviews #98 - February 2012 [Spoilers]

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> LNH20 Comics Presents #10-13  [LNH20]
> 'Switch Play'  ;  'The Assassination Squad'  ;
>    'Chaos Reigns'  and  'The Floating City'
> A Legion of Net.Heroes 20 [LNH20] series
> by Andrew Perron, Martin Phipps,
>    Adrian J. McClure, and Martin Phipps
>      In part 12 the p ## ower put  ## out by the Spoon of Destiny and
> the Retcon Ball causes ## the city  ## of Net.ropolis to float into the
> air, as well as being  ##  revealed  ## as what's causing Doc Nostalgia
> to be in two places at  ## once.

What happened was that people completely forgot that the original
reason why the team was sent to the museum was because Doctor Mood was
attempting to steal a spoon that he believed was the Spoon of
Destiny.  When the Otakaiser showed up and most of the next four
issues being devoted to bringing him down, Doctor Mood was completely
forgotten about.  Logically he should have been arrested by the police
and the various LNH members would have given statements.  I was
actually surprised when in LNH20CP #8 there was a reference to the
"LNH" running into the museum.  Why were they back at the museum?
Anyway, I figured Andrew had just made a mistake because, according to
the time line he and Adrian had constructed here (
wiki/LNH20_Timeline) several days had to have passed between LNH20CP#1
and LNH20CP#8.  You see, the problem is that I came up with this idea
of Google Lad searching for Too Much Time on His Hands Lad in
Generation 2.0 #4 and not only finding him but also Googlemesh and
then Lalo wrote LNH20CP #6 as having took place after Generation 2.0
#5.  This in itself would not have been a problem except that, on
Lalo's implicit invitation I tied Generation 2.0 #1 in with LNH20CP
#3.  As a result, Generation 2.0 #1-5 and LNH20CP #1-5 took place at
the same time... and I had already had Doc Nostalgia appear in
Generation 2.0 #2... which is not a problem if you assume that the
team at the museum actually returned to LNH HQ and then went back to
the museum later to check on the spoon again.

Anyway, given that the team is still back at the museum I would like
to officially presume that they did go back to LNH HQ and then go back
to the museum and were not actually at the museum for a few days.
Andrew says that time passes at different rates in different parts of
Net.ropolis but... come on.  The other explanation (equally satisfying
if no other problems come up) is that the events at the museum have
already happened but simply have not been written yet, just like the
LNH20 issues of Ultimate Mercenary take place after the 7th issue of
the LNH Ultimate Mercenary series that hasn't been written yet.  There
was a similar reference in the latest issue of Beige Midnight
referring to the events in Beige Midnight Countdown #10, which hasn't
been written yet and it used to be a running gag that nobody could
remember the end of the Cosmic Plot Device Caper because it hadn't
been written yet.  Even in mainstream fiction, I submit to you The Two
Towers which was separated into two books, one focusing on Merry and
Pippin and the other focusing on Frodo and Sam: the two halves of the
novel took place concurrently and there were events described in each
half that had effects on the other.  But by taking careful account of
where everyone was at any one time we see that no character was in two
places at once.

So basically we have a situation here where people messed up royally
and got all confused but it is nothing that can't be straightened out.


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