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Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Fri Apr 13 18:29:14 PDT 2012

Hi, kids!  This is your pal Paulie Poderr.  I want to be your pen pal!

My publisher wants this to be a contest!  If one of you pen pals asks me 
a question, and my response is "My publisher says stop worrying, it's 
only a story", you get the standard Powernaut prize:  free artwork!  And 
if one pen pal asks me a question and then *another* pen pal gives a 
good answer, the second pen pal gets a prize!

I'll get started with a couple of questions the publisher sent me already.


Dear Paulie,

Why did you run away after you beat up that Army tank?  (Powernaut 1955 
#10)  I know you were changing from Powerteen to Paulie, but didn't you 
want the other kids to see it was you doing all that cool stuff?

(signed) Francis L., age 6

Dear Francis,

It's tempting to make people want to like me just for being PowerTeen. 
But that would be like cheating.  Besides, when I ran away, the Army guy 
in the tank still had a gun.  As Paulie, I would have been helpless.

Thanks for writing!

(signed) Paulie P., age 16


Heeey, Paulie,

The gang said your new comic was cool, so I tried it out.  But it's 
stupid.  How come you were grown up and wrestling crocodiles and saving 
women and doing cool stuff last year, but you're back in high school 
now?  And don't tell me Powerteen is Powernaut stories from growing up 
long ago, 'cause that's Bill Haley on Powerteen's jukebox!  And don't 
tell me the real Powernaut is the future Powerteen, 'cause Powernaut 
fought Hitler!

(signed) Ricky D., age 17

Hi, Ricky!

Thanks for reading all those old stories!  The publisher says, those are 
like a grown-up PowerTeen from another Earth.  It's hard to imagine me 
grown up and hanging around with lady wrestlers, but I guess on another 
Earth anything's possible!

I hope my new adventures grow (up) on you!

(signed) Paulie P.


Your turn, pen pals!



Ricky D. is based on someone I know, who'd do well in the 1950s.  But 
Francis L. is an actual SW10 character who has appeared in RACC.  You 
can probably find who he is if you go to any of the Powernaut web pages 
and look for "Francis" in the search bar at the top.  First one to find 
him gets the standard Powernaut prize:  free artwork!

... Oh, I might as well admit I'll give the standard Powernaut prize to 
anyone who asks for it.  I think I have two awardees so far - and zero 
mailing addresses.  They'd best come to RACCcon if they want to claim 
their awards, then.  8{D>

(signed) Scott Eiler  8{D> -------- http://www.eilertech.com/ ---------

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