META: Name Checks

Adrian J. McClure mrfantastic7 at
Sun Apr 8 19:25:34 PDT 2012

On the other hand, for "LNHQ," is the top hit. Whereas if
you search for RACC, it turns up many pages of other things that stand
for RACC; I gave up after twenty pages.

Ultimate Ninja turns up mostly pages about the Naruto video game of
that name. Maybe wReam should sue, although he could have gotten it
from Larry Hama and Michael Golden's oddball late 80's Marvel comic
"Nth Man: the Ultimate Ninja," which also shows up. There was also a
movie of that name directed by Godfrey Ho, who made a ton of terrible
ninja movies by taking random Hong Kong movies and splicing in footage
of ninjas, many of whom had headbands with the word "ninja" written on
them. This was one of the inspirations for the Ultimate Ninja movies
in LNH20, so it's ironic that it actually exists. Although as far as I
know it doesn't have a giant robot; that was inspired by the infamous
Japanese Spider-Man series.

Cheesecake-Eater Lad and Sister State-The-Obvious all turn up LNH-
related things.

Master Blaster turns up references to the Stevie Wonder song and the
Mad Max villain. It's also the name of a male strip club and a
plumbing company, which is oddly appropriate. (For clarification,
these that these are two different businesses.)

AJM (Do you think the old Google Groups are actually going to go away?
That message has been there all year. Maybe Google just doesn't care
enough to change it.)

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