PRECOG/G!: The Genesis of a New Hero

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Sun Apr 8 10:45:10 PDT 2012

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    SLAM!  The malformed hand crashed into the pavement where she'd just

    Elizabeth Holmes swallowed, hot, ragged breath fogging up the visor 
of her motorcycle helmet.  Bits of shattered concrete pinged off of the 
visor as she crouched ten feet away - an amazing leap, but not nearly 
far enough to put her out of danger.

    Blood ran hot and fast through the woman's veins, thundering in her 
ears.  The great hulking form that had attacked her slowly turned, 
advancing on her.  Its camera-lens eyes stared, the only thing 
protruding from the lumpy, organic metal that covered its head.  Around 
its waist, the metal thinned out, human legs dangling as it 
knucklewalked forward.  One of its enormous arms, covered in a bizarre 
amalgam of flesh and machinery, wound up for what was sure to be a 
devastating punch.

    The massive fist rocketed forward faster than seemed possible...  
then, as if by instinct, Elizabeth found herself dodging to the side 
and twisting to face that arm, her own gloved fist glowing with an 
emerald light.  It bolted forward and slammed into what must have been 
a weak point in the beast's 'hide', causing the armored skin to crack 
deeply and shatter beneath her knuckles.

    The thing howled and lashed out.  Her leather jacket tore, but the 
bulletproof vest underneath held as she was knocked back; still, she'd 
probably have a nasty bruise there - if not a broken rib or two.  She 
skittered away, dodging the followup blow, and stuck her hand out 
toward the monster.

    For a span of two breaths, nothing happened.  Then a green flare 
burst from her palm.  The ball of energy slammed into the creature's 
wrist, propelling its arm backward.  The beast was yanked back, but the 
force of the blow combined with the damage she'd already inflicted 
ripped the trunkish limb from its body, filling the air with the sound 
of tearing metal and anguished bellows.

    Blood pumped from the limb, a strange mixture of bright candy red 
and slick, shiny silver.  The beast was stunned...  Elizabeth stared 
into it, sweat dripping into her eyes, and the focus of combat wavered; 
her thoughts drifted back to how she'd gotten here...


                          Biomechanoid  Angel
                             G E N E S I S

                  By Edward Protera and Andrew Perron


Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, I will collaborate with EVERYONE.

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