META: Name Checks

Scott Eiler seiler at
Sat Apr 7 22:04:17 PDT 2012

I'm not sure exactly why, but I amused myself tonight doing name 
searches on some RACC characters.  I found:

*  "Super Wizard":  Now I know about Stardust the Super Wizard, as 
written by Fletcher Hanks.  My drawing of Ellipsis vs. the Super Wizard 
from Space does show up fairly high in Google Images, though.  Has 
someone from RACC been helping rank images?

*  "Ellipsis":  is not associated with that Super Wizard drawing I 
mentioned, according to Google.  He shows up on about Page 22 of a 
Google Image search on "ellipsis superhero", associated with my Evil 
Minions Battle Flag from a 2003 story.  Someone's got a manga girl 
Ellipsis drawing which rates much higher.  More power to her.

*  "Powernaut":  is flooding Google Images with comic strips right now, 
yay me.  But one guy who is a much better artist than I am, published a 
drawing of his own Powernaut in 2007.  (Looks a lot like Brainiac.) 
Fortunately I've had Powernaut content in my published stories since 
2005!  The rival character is now called Psy-Powernaut...  There are 
Powernaut boat motors too.  I found out about those when I checked for 
name infringement in 2005.  I figured then I wasn't going to cause 
market confusion, and I figure the same way now.

Name checks are a really great time waster.

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