META/LNH: And what was your favorite LNH year?

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at
Mon Apr 2 18:35:06 PDT 2012

As we get closer to the LNH 20th Anniversary, I was wondering out of all 
of the years the LNH has existed -- which was your favorite one?

I'd probably say 1994 was my favorite one.  That might be due to being 
my first full year reading and writing LNH, still I'd say a lot of good 
stuff was posted that year.

It was a year that had Jeff McCoskey writing tons of great stuff (LNH 
Triple Play), Hubert on Tales of the LNH, Dave on the end of 
Constellation and the beginning of Dvandom Force, Martin on Generation 
Y, Drizzt on CC&DD, Jameel on Particle Man, Mystic Mongoose on U-Force, 
Mike Escutia on Pliable Lad, Russ on Drifter, Kevin Wilcox doing his 
thing, a couple of Omaha Project stories by David R Henry, Scav coming 
back to do a little writing, and Rob Rogers doing a lot more than just 
two issues of Easily-Discovered Man a year.  :)

Also a lot of great writers like Badger, Tick, Jaelle, Marie Antoon, and 
Saxon joined up.  And Paul Hardy (who had written the LNH before in 
various NTB stories) starting his first LNH series.

Ken Schmidt finishing up Looniverse Adrift, The Saint marrying Pocket 
Man and Organic Lass, Retcon Hour, Robot Invasion, the Myk-El Flame War, 
wReam on the whole Evil Ultimate Ninja plotline...

And various other great stuff I've forgotten about.

And I'd probably go with the year after 1995 being my second favorite.

Arthur "Good Times.." Spitzer

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