LNH20: A Drop of Blood

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I don't care if it's half a month later >:/

On Wed, 21 Mar 2012 01:24:07 +0000 (UTC), Adrian J. McClure wrote:

> On Mar 15, 12:11 pm, Andrew Perron <pwer... at gmail.com> wrote:

>> I really like the idea that the world is getting less grim-and-gritty as we
>> move away from The Killfile.
> I just realized this was a minor continuity error--Fearless Leader
> used a gun to kill one of the Lycopersicons in LNH20CP #1. I'm not
> really sure how to No-Prize that.

Obviously, it wasn't a gun, it was a tomatomic inversion ray.  Or

> There were actually a couple of
> things in that issue which clashed with elements I established later,
> such as Doc Nostalgia casually breaking the fourth wall. This was the
> first issue, though, and early issues or episodes of any given series
> often have things that don't quite fit with later installments. I
> could lampshade that later on.

It's a normal function of Hypertext Time.  I think we've done pretty well
with it so far. (Lampshading is always fun, tho.)

>>> Or... well, there were any
>>> number of reasons Pantra could be angry, but Ultimate Mercenary was
>>> certainly one of them.
>> <3<
> It took me forever to figure out this was supposed to be a spade. (For
> the uninitiated: http://mspaintadventures.wikia.com/wiki/Troll_Relationships)

Ah, I should've drawn a circle around it and had it blinking.

>> Technically, he already has a kid!  Tori!
> Well, often when people are caught up in the emotional intensity of
> loss or  feeling depressed about their lives, they wind up overlooking
> the good things in their lives. Or alternatively I completely forgot
> Tori even existed.

I like that first one better!

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, back to action!

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