SW10: Summer of Discontent #3a: The Agents

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Mon Sep 26 18:12:57 PDT 2011

Uh oh, I'm being swamped with comments!

On 9/26/2011 2:11 PM, Andrew Perron wrote:
> On Sep 25, 7:17 pm, Scott Eiler<sei... at eilertech.com>  wrote:
>> I've been re-reading various seventy-five-issue storylines from out of
>> Vertigo Comics recently.  Sandman, The Books of Magic, and Lucifer all
>> went exactly that long.  Lucifer did best, in my opinion.  The Books of
>> Magic got a lot of complaints because the author knew stuff the readers
>> didn't.  This gives me an idea of plot cohesion to aspire to, hopefully
>> above The Books of Magic.

... not that I always make it.  But unlike print comics, I can put stuff 
in after review, thanks.

> Interesting.  I've read some Lucifer, and it's pretty tight; Books of
> Magic probably suffers in that respect from not being written by the
> original creator.

Depends what you call "original creator".  The guy who wrote the Books 
of Magic ongoing series #1 made it through #50, which is short time when 
compared with the others.

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