SW10: Summer of Discontent #3: The Deal

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On Mon, 19 Sep 2011 00:16:58 +0000 (UTC), Scott Eiler wrote:

> "Hello, Mighty Tim."  Vara knew his real name wasn't Tim, but he 
> preferred his superhero name.  Most mages had public names and private 
> names too.  "Yes, they *are* here for the mission.  This is Wenchy, and 
> Finster."  

That name always makes Bull and Skull music start going in my head.

> "I see the mark of your power, Mighty Tim.  Now, Powernaut.  Punch 
> through the door.  Both..."
> The Powernaut said, "At last!"  He swung his fist as he disappeared 
> through the door.

Leroy Jenki-- *fwoosh*

> After breakfast, Mighty Tim said, "We're just outside Indianapolis, near 
> where the last envoy landed.  The next step should be easy.  We're going 
> straight to Warsaw-Saint-Lawrence from here.  That's where he went for 
> help.  He got stopped on the way.  But I'm going straight there.  You 
> ready?"
> "Let's go!"
> "All right."  The Mighty Tim teleported them.
> He'd been given coordinates and a description for Ordered Realities 
> Plaza in Warsaw-Saint-Lawrence.  But they landed somewhere else.  There 
> was a sign saying, "Ordered Realities Badge Station, Brantford, 
> Ontario".  They'd been stopped on the way!

Wonk wonk wonk waaaaaaa~

> "After what Ellipsis did here, we prefer to avoid the people of your 
> world.  But despite what you may have heard of us, we have more 
> important things to do than to squash your planet's struggle for survival."
> "So in the name of the Council of Ordered Realities, I now agree to lift 
> the current blockade of Earth-SW10, provided that your Earth show its 
> resident Trillions are under control by Earthlings."

Huh.  That was easy!  ...a bit *too* easy.

> Lady Sherlock said, "No trick.  You're welcome to *try* to go home with 
> that.  But the blockade's still on.  When you give up, we can send a 
> message home for you."

Ahhhhhh, I see.  Not quite so easy, then.

> The Powernaut said to Mighty Tim, "Thank you!  Thank you for not staying 
> there another second!"
> "My pleasure...  We need to find food somewhere.  But we'll get by.  And 
> we'll go back when the right time comes."
> "Back there?  Back home?"
> "Both."

*stinger!*  Yes, a good way to end this chapter.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, wanna get some commenting done before

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