HCC: HCC #23 - Mythrepresentation

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at eyrie.org
Sat Sep 3 20:56:01 PDT 2011

In article <j3trer$utt$1 at dont-email.me>,
Scott Eiler  <seiler at eilertech.com> wrote:
>On 9/2/2011 10:05 PM, Dave Van Domelen wrote:
>>       For High Concept Challenge #23, take some classical myth, find a minor
>> element of it, and use that as the core of a story.  It need not be Greek
>> myth, but it should be ancient and the main story reasonably well-known even
>> if the element you use isn't well-known.
>I may have to fudge the definition of "well-known", and I may have to 
>move my storyline along pretty fast to get there, but this concept now 
>lies squarely in its path.
>When's the deadline, Dave?

     Oops, knew I was forgetting something.  I figure I'm probably not the
only person busy with the start of the school year, so let's go with the end
of the month: end of the day Central time, September 30.

     Also, in case anyone was unsure about my intent, your story need not be
literally an ancient myth, just based on one.

     Dave Van Domelen, figures there will be a lot of Author's Notes on
entries for this.

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