LNH/META: Villains!

Martin Phipps martinphipps2 at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 30 23:50:24 PDT 2011

We haven't settled on a single villain yet!

Here's a list.

Acton Lord: This guy is reserved by Arthur.  Sorry, Arthur but we need
people on RACC to know this if they don't read the Authors group but
are still thinking of participating.

Amnesia: Uses amnesia.

Angst: Uses angst.

Can't Get A Break at the Lights, Man, London Broil, Plummet, Waffle
Queen: Rob Rogers' villains.

Captain Napalm: Actually an LNHer in the mainstream universe but,
really, how is spraying people with napalm heroic?

Cascaders or Dorfs: If we want to use aliens.

Darksnide / Flipseid: Darkseid parody.

Demented Designer: A Brotherhood member in the mainstream continuity.
Could be the arch nemesis of New Look Lass.  I mean, if we want to use
New Look Lass.

Doom Monger: Actually an LNHer in the mainstream continuity but,
really, doesn't it sound more like the name for a villain?  Could be
redundant with Captain Napalm.  Either one could be a nemesis for
Master Blaster.

DRACCula: An LNHY villain.

Invisible Incendiary: Actually an LNHer in mainstream continuity but,
really, how heroic is it to sneak up on somebody and flame them?

Innovative-Offense Boy: Actually an LNHer in mainstream continuity.
Maybe we can forget the bad language interpretation and say he's a
master strategist.  Could join the LNH later but only if it is in his
best interests.

Lagneto: He was under used before but he may be over used now.

Manga Man: He could be an arch nenesis for Kid Kirby.

Netlurker: Or just... The Lurker.  Cool.

Pointless Death Man: Or just... Death Man.  Cool.

Professor Perhap: Similar to Tom Russell's character in Speak,
Professor Perhpa was able to make anything happen by just suggesting
the possibility that it could happen.  May be too powerful to use

RACCelestials: Here's a link: http://www.eyrie.org/lnh/kibyguide.html

Robgoblin: A Brotherhood member in the mainstream continuity.  Maybe
he can just be Goblin in this continuity.  Do people still remember
Rob Liefeld?  Would they get the joke?

Romantic Innuendo: You can get in trouble using this character.  If
two people fall in love because RI makes them fall in love then is it
rape?  Taking this question seriously may take all the fun out of
using this character.

Sarcastic Lad: Too good a character not to use but redundant with
Cynical Lass.  Maybe they can become an item and Sarcastic Lad can
join the LNH.

Self-Righteous Preacher (Elijah Deacon): Actually an LNHer in
mainstream continuity but in this continuity he can be someone who
organizes protests against the LNH.

Table, Time Crapper, Y-Plex Burp: Cosmic Plot Device Villains.

wReamicus Maximus: May be redundant with Acton Lord.  (I think wReam
had the original wReamicus Maximus merge with an alternative version
of Acton Lord in the issue immediately following Jungle Cheesecake.)
I like the name though.  Could be saved for later.  (For example, if
Arthur decides to kill off Acton Lord, wReamicus Maximus could be his
son out for revenge.)

More at this link: http://www.eyrie.org/~thad/lnh/roster.html#vs

Does this help people or am I just coming across as a control freak?
Seriously, I have no idea what villains you want to use.  Use the
links. :)


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