LNH/Meta: Secret Reboot Crisis Hour Point Itself

Martin Phipps martinphipps2 at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 30 17:01:57 PDT 2011

On Oct 30, 1:13 pm, Lalo Martins <lalo.mart... at gmail.com> wrote:
> Here's a different crazy idea, I seem to be full of these this week. A way, if you wish, of not throwing Martin's reboot stories in the bin.

Hell, I could write 20 issues all by myself and have it be an
alternative LNH to compete with Arthur's.  Why not?  If you think
about it, this entire project is an Elsewhirls.

> I propose each active writer creates (and posts!) his/her own rebooted Looniverse. At the same time this is some fun stuff to write, and a sounding board to help us design the “final” rebooted Looniverse.

As I said to Arthur, people wrote stuff pretty much independently for
Retcon Hour and it was all edited together for the final with no
changes.  I imagine people would have been furious with me if Jeff or
I made changes to their stuff.

(As I recall, Mike used Kid Kirby when Kid Kirby was somewhere else so
in my next issue I had Kid Kirby go to where he had to be for Mike
Escutia's story and then said that the story took place before
Mike's.  Mike didn't like that, probably because he didn't know why I
did that but the point is that people should be free to write what
they like and the story should be put together afterwards.)

> Each of the LNHs in these universes will discover there are all these other universes, time has been fractured etc. Each writer is free to come up with their own explanation for it. Then the alternate LNHs start to interact and the thing becomes a bit of a cascade, culminating in the integrated rebooted Looniverse.
> Then we could start posting this pre-anniversary event like, right now (I guess I have an idea I could write), and there's this meta-fictional thing going in parallel with the non-fictional discussion of the post-reboot status quo.
> Too crazy?


While people are free to write what they like, the whole idea of
discovering other universes and having them merge together has been
done to death both in the mainstream and in the LNH.  Can we get
through a summer crossover without doing something like that?  I'm
just asking.

I say people post stuff to the Authors group with the understanding
that it isn't canon until it gets posted here. :)


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