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Martin Phipps martinphipps2 at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 30 04:37:48 PDT 2011

On Oct 30, 2:37 am, Lalo Martins <lalo.mart... at gmail.com> wrote:
> FWIW, I proposed to write Minority Miss because I created her and people seem to want her in the team, but I'm not throwing a fit if someone else wants to write her. The only thing I'd like a new writer to keep is making her as many minorities as you can fit. From the first issue:
> "Well, I'm female, I'm a girl and I'm South American...I'm also pagan, left-handed, color-blind...my father was Native-American and my mother was Jewish. And now I'm superpowered too. And of course, I'm not half as beautiful as most superpowered girls. Will you want fries with that, sir?"
> Also: "Latina" is fine, but Brazilians are of course not Hispanic ;-)

How about "from Brazil" instead of "Hispanic" then?


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