LNH: Help!

Martin Phipps martinphipps2 at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 29 23:42:14 PDT 2011

I think we should go over twenty.

1. Fearless Leader *
2. Catalyst Lass *
3. Ripping Dancer (Art) *
4. Gothic Gorilla (Art)
5. Skunk Girl (Ted)
6. Irony Man (Martin) *
7. Linguist Lass (Martin) *
8. Cynical Lass (Rob) *
9. Easily Discovered Man
10. Master Blaster (Ted)*
11. Kid Enthusiastic *
12. Anal-Retentive Analysis Kid
13. Minority Miss (Lalo)*
14. Doctor Stomper (Martin)*
15. Occultism Kid (Lalo) *
16. Kid Kirby (Martin)*
17. Kid Recap (Lalo)*
18. Sister State-the-Obvious *
19. New Look Lass *
20. Special Bonding Boy *
21. Library Lad (Andrew)
22. Weirdo Boy

The first twenty should be established LNH characters.  At least one
of the twenty wouldn't get his own title.  I assumed Andrew would want
to write Kid Enthusiastic for a third time but maybe not.  Doesn't
mean we drop him.  We can just have over twenty characters in total.
That's no big deal.

(Incidentally, Library Lad and Weirdo Boy sound like updated versions
of Browsing Boy and Bizarre Boy.)

I've already dropped the idea of including Bad Timing Boy, Sarcastic
Lad, Coward Lad, Super Apathy Lad and Cheesecake Eater Lad.  None of
these characters seem appropriate for a rebooted LNH.  Ask any of them
if they want to join the LNH and they'll all say no*.  The top twenty
I have above looks like a group that could naturally come together
without too much of a push.

*If Catalyst Lass wanted Super Apathy lad to want to join the LNH and
Super Apathy Lad insisted on not caring then who would win?

Hmm.  Actually, Bad Timing Boy, Sarcastic Lad, Coward Lad, Super
Apathy Lad and Cheesecake Eater Lad might be interesting characters
for an LNH Rejects one shot that is part of the LNH2012 imprint but
isn't part of the storyline re-introducing the LNH: a one shot
establishing that other LNH characters exist in the LNH2012 universe
even if they didn't become LNHers.  It could be about a bunch of
friends watching TV together and seeing a report about the LNH on the
news and speculating about who they would be if they were LNHers.
Hilarious!  I could throw in aLLiterative Lass and Procrastination Boy
and make it a party!

Anyway, the point is people should be able to do what they want.  If
people want to add their own characters then we'll have more than
twenty LNHers but I think we should start with twenty established LNH
characters and have that as a nucleus around which new characters (or
new versions of old characters) can join.  We might even want to
reintroduce Ultimate Ninja in one of the #2 issues and this time keep
him as a wildcard.


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