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Martin Phipps martinphipps2 at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 29 11:12:08 PDT 2011

On Oct 29, 8:18 am, EDMLite <robroger... at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Oct 29, 5:20 am, Martin Phipps <martinphip... at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > Okay, I've got some names figured out:
> > Fearless Leader = Felix Landers
> > Ripping Dancer = Tara Shreds
> > Cynical Lass = ?
> > Kid Enthusiastic = ?
> > Minority Miss = Apoena... Martins?
> Apoena's last name is Goulão.
> Cynical Lass's first name is Joy.
> I've never given her a last name.  How
> about... Casterwick?  That has a nice
> ring to it...
> --Rob Rogers
> --Would still be tired, by any other name...


And so now I'm pretty much done, :)

Seriously in three posts I've re-introduced fifteen LNHers.

The fourth group I think should feature Cheesecake Eater Lad and four
others.  Based on what people have said so far I would say that the
other four should be Kid Recap, ARAK, Sarcastic Lad and Super Apathy
Lad.  I picture them sitting around watching TV, drinking beer and
deciding on a lark to call themselves the Legion of New Heroes.  Not
much of a story there so I won't write it.  I would like to have Sarc
and SAL around though.  It depends how much other people want to
write.  If somebody has a character they want to use then they need to
promise to write a story starring that character by the end of April
(or May or whenever the deadline is).

By the way, does C.E.L. have a real name?

Oh and I suppose we could also have five people writing five solo
stories as long as the five stories are all set in Netropolis because
then that would make it easier to bring everybody together.

With all the characters introduced, the rest of the storyline is
completely wide open although I do like Darksnide (Flipseid?) and
Magna man as villains bringing the team together and another even more
powerful villain then creating dramatic tension.


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