StarFall: Silver Arrow #7: Myths and Legends

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> Woot! Comments!


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>> It's a good thing you two live in a superhero universe, because that's
>> far too sensible for the real world.
> I know!  In the real world, Hugh would have been unmasked the moment
> he was brought in, his identity leaked to the press, and his parents
> hounded and likely shot at even before they got to the hospital!

Eh, I can buy a world where superhero identity protection is a law.  But a
world where making a reasonable point can bypass bureaucracy?  That's just

>> You know, they tried to retcon this in for Green Arrow in the
>> mid-90s.  It would have sucked there, but it works perfectly here.
> That was part of my inspiration, true.  I only read a few of the
> mid-90s Green Arrow - mostly the Connor Hawke stuff, which was fun -
> so I can't claim it was full inspiration.   In Hugh's case, however,
> when I originally created the character for the super-hero RPG, I
> explicitly stated that he was a minor unconscious teek.

Ahhhhh, very nice.  RPGs tend to create a lot of fodder for this kind of
thing (as Dave can attest).

>>>    "Roughly twenty egons of psionic power," Jeff stated.
>> Heeheehee
> Glad someone gets the reference. ;)

Oh, like there's anyone who won't get Ghostbusters. <3

>>>    Opening the door, they filed inside ... and immediately felt as if
>>> time was dragging.
>> ...what does that feel like?
> It's hard to say.  How does Lagneto's ability to lag someone feel
> like?  Same basic approach, although TT can't slow down a fall like
> Lagneto can.

Hmmmmmmmm.  I'm flashing back to being six and Mom taking me clothes

> Gotta end the fight on a positive note.  And hey, it's in character
> for the classic Robin Hood; at least, when portrayed by someone who
> can actually *speak* with an English accent! ... I should have had
> Hugh comment on that, but I was busy trying to get the Olde English
> correct.

I noticed that it was was Quite Goode.

>> Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, *pokes Robin for Spellbinder #4*
> I've been poking him for that for several weeks now.  What was going
> to fit into one issue turned into three, so I'm helping him hammer out
> a few details.

Ahhhhhhhhh, I know that one.

> Oh, and in other news, I might have recruited another writer, if she
> manages to get something up.  She took an interest in the reference to
> the Tesla Institute for Exploratory Sciences and Engineering in the
> setting document; _Tales From the Tesla Institute_ may come out this
> year.  I hope.


Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, not gonna say we need more girls,
'cause that would be kinda sexist, but we totally need more girls.

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