LNH/META: To Reboot or Not to Reboot....

William Strickland indomitable.william at gmail.com
Fri Oct 28 17:41:00 PDT 2011

First, I wanna say I love you guys. More on this later.

Next, I wanna just make a note that I've seen this conversation a
dozen times with regard to comic book companies (as comic fans, I'm
sure we all have). In the past, I've always been one of those guys
that reads comic books, and so I naturally had things I cherished, and
so on. I know for sure that the latest DC reboot has ruffled my
feathers a fair bit (okay, a whole bunch), and from a casual
observation of the internet it's easy to see there's arguments on both

So it's interesting to not only see the conversation playing out in
miniature here (minus the flame wars and youtube rants, thank God)...
and to be on the other side of the in/out bit than I usually am.

I haven't really been able to get into LNH. Part of it is that I
haven't managed to find a complete archive of the story, which means I
can't do a proper archive binge. The other part is that from the posts
I've read, I can't really nail down a tone for the story, either -
chalk that up to a shared universe, I suppose. I could've just been in
the wrong frame of mind when I tried it, for all I know. It could just
be that it's not my kind of story. Not important, ultimately. The
thing is, I'm not 'in' on LNH, and so the debate on whether to reboot
looks very different, despite being more or less the same.

I can't say if any of this would/could be fixed by a reboot, and
really, it's not my place to try and say that one way or another. I'll
leave that to those of you that know and write the stories. I'm not
here to tell you what to do with what is, really and truly, your

But it is interesting to read, and heartening as well. I love seeing a
bunch of people concerned enough about this little universe
(considering the roster of characters, maybe 'little' isn't the right
word) to even have this discussion, and that's a big part of why I
like this community; hence the 'I love you guys' above. And it's
pretty much why I'm here, really.

So yeah. Just wanted to chime in with that. Carry on. :3

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