LNH/META: Event for 20th Anniversary?

Martin Phipps martinphipps2 at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 28 07:22:55 PDT 2011

On Oct 27, 11:01 am, EDMLite <robroger... at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Oct 26, 6:33 am, Martin Phipps <martinphip... at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > Okay, how's this?
> > We choose 20 characters and we tell a story that focuses on each of
> > the twenty characters for one issue.  For example, we could have an
> > Irony Man #1, a Fearless Leader #1, a Catalyst Lass #1, etc.  Each
> > writer involved would write at least one issue.  To make it more
> > interesting, you could have the plot overlap, that is you could have a
> > scene with Irony Man and Fearless Leader in Irony Man #1 and have the
> > same scene in Fearless Leader #1 but have the scene now reflect
> > Fearless Leader's point of view as opposed to Irony Man's.
> I like this idea, though I think it will be trickier than it sounds.
> For example: I love Dr. Stomper.  I can't imagine an LNH without
> Dr. Stomper.  But would I want to read -- or write -- a Dr. Stomper
> series?  Could I come up with a compelling back story, an origin,
> a supporting cast...
> Actually, writing "Doc Stomper" as a "Doc Savage" parody
> might be interesting...
> And writing about a character whose powers give him
> the ability to explain everything — and yet chooses to
> work in science, which by its nature refuses to admit
> simple or singular solutions for most problems —
> creates the possibility for conflict...
> Okay, I'm on board with this.  =)
> > As for the plot, hmm, I think some plot by the Waffle Queen would be
> > appropriate.  Imagine if the Waffle Queen were to somehow
> > simultaneously obtain controlling interest of Fox News, MSNBC, CBS,
> > ABC and CNN and then fire anybody who said anything good about the
> > LNH.  There'd be remarks about what's left of the "liberal
> > media" (PBS, NPR) supporting the LNH and Irony Man would be confused
> > as to why all his favorite news anchors only had bad things to say
> > about him.  
> The Waffle Queen is awfully busy for a dead girl... =)
> Meanwhile the LNH would have to deal with "Occupy Rackham
> > Avenue" protestors.  Eventually the LNH would realize that the Waffle
> > Queen is using the media to try to take over the world.  (Duh.)  In
> > real life the Waffle Queen's company would be forced to break up
> > because it had become too much of a monopoly and was actually making
> > America less competitive.  But this is an LNH story so they have to
> > hit something.  Hmm.
> Interesting... I was already hammering out a plot in which "Occupy"
> protesters try to convince the LNH to go after the bankers and
> financiers who caused the Great Recession, arguing that as
> people whose vast power allows them to operate above the law,
> they are essentially super-villains and should be treated as
> such...
> In the end, of course, I would reveal that the whole financial
> collapse was orchestrated by one of your own characters,
> Martin — the Orange Skeleton — who was secretly
> a resurrected Alexander Hamilton...
> --Rob Rogers
> --Always finds it easy to get
> excited about the stories
> he isn't writing

Yeah, well, it seems people want a reboot.  An "Occupy Rackham Avenue"
could be part of it, say if in the rebooted LNH continuity people
decide the LNH are somehow ignoring the 99% of America and supporting
the major corporations.


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