StarFall: Silver Arrow #7: Myths and Legends

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> Woot! Comments!
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>>>     "Easy, 'Selena'," Robert said, laying a hand on his wife's
>>> shoulder.  He turned to address the nurse.  "Maybe it will help if we
>>> gave you some information you can check, but which few people outside
>>> the hospital staff should know?"
>>>     She nodded slowly.
>>>     "Arrow is nineteen," he began, "blood type AB-negative, with a
>>> small mole on his left arm just inside the elbow, and a recent bruise
>>> on the right side of his abdomen, right under the ribcage, where his
>>> uniform absorbed a gunshot the other week."
>> It's a good thing you two live in a superhero universe, because that's
>> far too sensible for the real world.
> I know!  In the real world, Hugh would have been unmasked the moment
> he was brought in, his identity leaked to the press, and his parents
> hounded and likely shot at even before they got to the hospital!

... Yeah, it's better off this way.

Likewise, the fight against gods and legends.  It was clever and 
successful in good superhero manner.

>>>     "Roughly twenty egons of psionic power," Jeff stated.
>> Heeheehee
> Glad someone gets the reference. ;)

I seem not to have gotten it, but "egon" seemed like a perfect unit of 
measurement to me.

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