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Woot! Comments!

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> >    "Easy, 'Selena'," Robert said, laying a hand on his wife's
> > shoulder.  He turned to address the nurse.  "Maybe it will help if we
> > gave you some information you can check, but which few people outside
> > the hospital staff should know?"
> >    She nodded slowly.
> >    "Arrow is nineteen," he began, "blood type AB-negative, with a
> > small mole on his left arm just inside the elbow, and a recent bruise
> > on the right side of his abdomen, right under the ribcage, where his
> > uniform absorbed a gunshot the other week."
> It's a good thing you two live in a superhero universe, because that's
> far too sensible for the real world.

I know!  In the real world, Hugh would have been unmasked the moment
he was brought in, his identity leaked to the press, and his parents
hounded and likely shot at even before they got to the hospital!

> >    "Your son never exhibited any overt powers until the Sizzle
> > inhalation," the doctor replied, "but psionics is still a relatively
> > new branch of study, and psi-tech is still experimental.  My best
> > guess is that his powers aren't - or *weren't* - strong enough to
> > register."
> >    "So what he thought was skill...." Robert started to say.
> >    "Was partially psychokinetically enhanced skill."
> You know, they tried to retcon this in for Green Arrow in the
> mid-90s.  It would have sucked there, but it works perfectly here.

That was part of my inspiration, true.  I only read a few of the
mid-90s Green Arrow - mostly the Connor Hawke stuff, which was fun -
so I can't claim it was full inspiration.   In Hugh's case, however,
when I originally created the character for the super-hero RPG, I
explicitly stated that he was a minor unconscious teek.

> >    "Roughly twenty egons of psionic power," Jeff stated.
> Heeheehee

Glad someone gets the reference. ;)

> >    "Apollo!" she called out.  "Quit trying to keep this mortal to
> > yourself!  Oppose me again, and suffer my wrath!"
> >    "I am *not* opposing you!" he called, arriving a second later.
> >    "*Your* arrow cut my bowstring, brother."
> >    Hugh smiled to himself.  The Greek gods were petty and jealous, he
> > remembered from his Greco-Roman mythology class, quick to turn on each
> > other over the slightest infraction.  Apollo and Artemis, being twins,
> > had the usual sibling rivalries, only amplified a hundredfold.
> Oooooh, nice stratagem.

Yes.  I got tired of 'shoot the guy with a trick arrow', and delved
into a bit of lateral thinking.  Getting two gods to shoot at each
other? Always fun to watch. ;)

> >    Opening the door, they filed inside ... and immediately felt as if
> > time was dragging.
> ...what does that feel like?

It's hard to say.  How does Lagneto's ability to lag someone feel
like?  Same basic approach, although TT can't slow down a fall like
Lagneto can.

> >    Hugh reached his hand down to aid Robin Hood out of the water, but
> > once their arms clasped, Robin pulled with all his might.  Hugh landed
> > in the stream with a loud splash.
> >    "Now thou art wet as well!"
> Aw, that's nice.

Gotta end the fight on a positive note.  And hey, it's in character
for the classic Robin Hood; at least, when portrayed by someone who
can actually *speak* with an English accent! ... I should have had
Hugh comment on that, but I was busy trying to get the Olde English

> >    Slowly, Silver Arrow opened his eyes.  There, sitting beside him,
> > were... Batman and Catwoman?
> >    "Am I still dreaming?" he moaned.
> *snerk*
> >    "What is that?" Maria asked, pointing to Hugh's right hand.  He
> > lifted it up; there stood five arrows: two golden, one silver, one
> > black, and one peacock-feathered.
> Huh.  Didn't expect that to be so literal.  ...neat!

And now I'll likely forget he has them for a few years, to come out
when absolutely necessary.

> Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, *pokes Robin for Spellbinder #4*

I've been poking him for that for several weeks now.  What was going
to fit into one issue turned into three, so I'm helping him hammer out
a few details.

Oh, and in other news, I might have recruited another writer, if she
manages to get something up.  She took an interest in the reference to
the Tesla Institute for Exploratory Sciences and Engineering in the
setting document; _Tales From the Tesla Institute_ may come out this
year.  I hope.

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