StarFall: Silver Arrow #7: Myths and Legends

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>    "Easy, 'Selena'," Robert said, laying a hand on his wife's
> shoulder.  He turned to address the nurse.  "Maybe it will help if we
> gave you some information you can check, but which few people outside
> the hospital staff should know?"
>    She nodded slowly.
>    "Arrow is nineteen," he began, "blood type AB-negative, with a
> small mole on his left arm just inside the elbow, and a recent bruise
> on the right side of his abdomen, right under the ribcage, where his
> uniform absorbed a gunshot the other week."

It's a good thing you two live in a superhero universe, because that's
far too sensible for the real world.

>    "Your son never exhibited any overt powers until the Sizzle
> inhalation," the doctor replied, "but psionics is still a relatively
> new branch of study, and psi-tech is still experimental.  My best
> guess is that his powers aren't - or *weren't* - strong enough to
> register."
>    "So what he thought was skill...." Robert started to say.
>    "Was partially psychokinetically enhanced skill."

You know, they tried to retcon this in for Green Arrow in the
mid-90s.  It would have sucked there, but it works perfectly here.

>    "Roughly twenty egons of psionic power," Jeff stated.


>    "Apollo!" she called out.  "Quit trying to keep this mortal to
> yourself!  Oppose me again, and suffer my wrath!"
>    "I am *not* opposing you!" he called, arriving a second later.
>    "*Your* arrow cut my bowstring, brother."
>    Hugh smiled to himself.  The Greek gods were petty and jealous, he
> remembered from his Greco-Roman mythology class, quick to turn on each
> other over the slightest infraction.  Apollo and Artemis, being twins,
> had the usual sibling rivalries, only amplified a hundredfold.

Oooooh, nice stratagem.

>    Opening the door, they filed inside ... and immediately felt as if
> time was dragging.

...what does that feel like?

>    Hugh reached his hand down to aid Robin Hood out of the water, but
> once their arms clasped, Robin pulled with all his might.  Hugh landed
> in the stream with a loud splash.
>    "Now thou art wet as well!"

Aw, that's nice.

>    Slowly, Silver Arrow opened his eyes.  There, sitting beside him,
> were... Batman and Catwoman?
>    "Am I still dreaming?" he moaned.


>    "What is that?" Maria asked, pointing to Hugh's right hand.  He
> lifted it up; there stood five arrows: two golden, one silver, one
> black, and one peacock-feathered.

Huh.  Didn't expect that to be so literal.  ...neat!

> Maybe, if I work at record speed, I can get #8 done in time for Jeff's
> story to qualify for HCC24. ... NAAAH!

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, *pokes Robin for Spellbinder #4*

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