LNH/META: To Reboot or Not to Reboot....

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at eyrie.org
Thu Oct 27 13:39:18 PDT 2011

In article <8e26ebf3-2e95-45c2-b00b-2610b9ca7d70 at f5g2000vbz.googlegroups.com>,
Andrew Perron  <pwerdna at gmail.com> wrote:
>On Oct 27, 12:59 pm, EDMLite <robroger... at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I think the LNH has two things going for it that make it unique.
>> The first is that (most of the time), it's a friendly, supportive
>> place in which to write.  The second is that it is a comedy
>> universe.  There are a lot of great super-hero stories being
>> written these days in a variety of media, but very few of them
>> (in my opinion) are funny.
>Agreed.  And, to take that a bit further, it's not just comedic but
>chaotic.  The nature of the superhero genre is to integrate all kinds
>of strange influences, and the LNH is one of the most flexible
>settings I've ever seen.  The metafictional nature of it allows it to
>take things on - and take things seriously - that would be completely
>out of place in many other settings.

     In my lecture Wednesday on solipsism (honors class about modern physics
without so much math, we're deep into quantum weirdness) I brought up the LNH
Looniverse as an example of something that's like solipsism in the "someone
else's dream" sense.  :)

     Dave Van Domelen, used Cheesecake-Eater Lad as a specific example.

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