LNH/META: Event for 20th Anniversary?

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> Okay, how's this?
> We choose 20 characters and we tell a story that focuses on each of
> the twenty characters for one issue.  For example, we could have an
> Irony Man #1, a Fearless Leader #1, a Catalyst Lass #1, etc.  Each
> writer involved would write at least one issue.  To make it more
> interesting, you could have the plot overlap, that is you could have a
> scene with Irony Man and Fearless Leader in Irony Man #1 and have the
> same scene in Fearless Leader #1 but have the scene now reflect
> Fearless Leader's point of view as opposed to Irony Man's.

I like this idea, though I think it will be trickier than it sounds.

For example: I love Dr. Stomper.  I can't imagine an LNH without
Dr. Stomper.  But would I want to read -- or write -- a Dr. Stomper
series?  Could I come up with a compelling back story, an origin,
a supporting cast...

Actually, writing "Doc Stomper" as a "Doc Savage" parody
might be interesting...

And writing about a character whose powers give him
the ability to explain everything — and yet chooses to
work in science, which by its nature refuses to admit
simple or singular solutions for most problems —
creates the possibility for conflict...

Okay, I'm on board with this.  =)

> As for the plot, hmm, I think some plot by the Waffle Queen would be
> appropriate.  Imagine if the Waffle Queen were to somehow
> simultaneously obtain controlling interest of Fox News, MSNBC, CBS,
> ABC and CNN and then fire anybody who said anything good about the
> LNH.  There'd be remarks about what's left of the "liberal
> media" (PBS, NPR) supporting the LNH and Irony Man would be confused
> as to why all his favorite news anchors only had bad things to say
> about him.  

The Waffle Queen is awfully busy for a dead girl... =)

Meanwhile the LNH would have to deal with "Occupy Rackham
> Avenue" protestors.  Eventually the LNH would realize that the Waffle
> Queen is using the media to try to take over the world.  (Duh.)  In
> real life the Waffle Queen's company would be forced to break up
> because it had become too much of a monopoly and was actually making
> America less competitive.  But this is an LNH story so they have to
> hit something.  Hmm.

Interesting... I was already hammering out a plot in which "Occupy"
protesters try to convince the LNH to go after the bankers and
financiers who caused the Great Recession, arguing that as
people whose vast power allows them to operate above the law,
they are essentially super-villains and should be treated as

In the end, of course, I would reveal that the whole financial
collapse was orchestrated by one of your own characters,
Martin — the Orange Skeleton — who was secretly
a resurrected Alexander Hamilton...

--Rob Rogers
--Always finds it easy to get
excited about the stories
he isn't writing

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