LNH/META: Event for 20th Anniversary?

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Tue Oct 25 20:34:26 PDT 2011

On Oct 25, 4:56 pm, Arthur Spitzer <arspit... at earthlink.net> wrote:
> And since I can't resist throwing ideas out there, here's a possible
> one.  I think it was Ted Brock that suggested a long time ago about
> reducing the number of LNH members to 20 (or something like that).  So,
> how about Congress passing some law that says a superhero team has to
> have no more and no less than 20 members...  

I like the idea of a writing event to celebrate the LNH's 20th

I think that Ted/Arthur's idea could work, although I might recommend
against the Congressional angle, as I think the "Superhuman
Act" arc pretty well covered that ground..

And here are a few ideas of my own...

What about our own version of the DC 52, with 20 #1 issues of
re-imagined LNH titles?

Or a story that imagined what the LNH would be like if it formed
today?  (Who would the members be?  What threats would it face?)

Or, conversely, what would the LNH look like today if the stories
took place in real time, without a sliding time scale?  Who would
be left, and how would the membership have aged?

Or... three words... "OMAHA PROJECT II"

...just kidding...

--Rob Rogers
--Really ought to have done more
with the last two decades

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