LNH/META: Event for 20th Anniversary?

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Tue Oct 25 16:56:27 PDT 2011

So since the 20th Anniversary is only 6 months away, I was wondering if 
there are any writers out there interested in doing some multi-writer 
event thingee for it?

I'd be willing to do an issue somewhere in the middle of such a thing 
(and possibly two if it was some RACChallenge type thingee where writers 
go in order and then in reverse order).  Someone else can write the 
beginning and ending -- and plot it out (meaning it would probably have 
to be at least three writers).  First issue posted on April 29th -- the 
rest whenever.

Any takers?

And since I can't resist throwing ideas out there, here's a possible 
one.  I think it was Ted Brock that suggested a long time ago about 
reducing the number of LNH members to 20 (or something like that).  So, 
how about Congress passing some law that says a superhero team has to 
have no more and no less than 20 members.  And at least half of those 
members have to be female (which I suppose the mastermind behind this 
thinking would be that there aren't that many female superheroes 
compared to male so it would be hard for more superhero teams to find 10 
females).  It would be like this for the event (with the rest of the LNH 
laid off) and return back to the status quo afterwards.  This is just a 
possible idea.

All of the planning for this event would probably be on the LNH Author's 


Arthur "Only Six Months Left..." Spitzer

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