LNH/SG: Beige Midnight #9: PLANET MUHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHH!!!!!!!!!! II: "Mite-Lite of the Gods" (1/3)

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 20 18:05:42 PDT 2011

On 10/19/11 1:22 PM, EDMLite wrote:
> On Oct 18, 6:46 pm, Arthur Spitzer<arspit... at earthlink.net>  wrote:
>>>>       "...And the might that glows shall rise and
>>>>        become the Mynabird.  And he shall drown the
>>>>        light..." -- Epilogues 58.5:12
>>> Innnnteresting.
>> Of course I don't know the real reason Rob gave him that
>> name...
> That's easy.  If you'll recall, Mynabird first appeared as one
> of the Surreptitious Seven (who were meant to be a parody
> of D.C. Comics' Secret Six).  So DC's Mockingbird
> became Mynabird...

Ah, thanks.  Another LNH Mystery solved!

Never read Secret Six, so I missed the reference.

Always thought they were a parody of the Sinister Six.  I mean if you 
had called EDB-Mite, Dr. Squiddypuss... Well, okay -- I would have still 
not gotten the reference.

> OK, it's a bit of a stretch.  But those were the heady days
> of the Infinite Leadership Crisis.  A lot of things seemed
> to make sense at the time...
> --Rob Rogers

Ah, yes 2007.  When the ending of ILC made perfect sense.  Before I 
posted it.

And then...

Arthur "Screams of Horror!" Spitzer

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