[MV] The Super Wizard From Space #20: The Echo People, Part 4

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Wed Oct 19 18:30:47 PDT 2011

On 10/19/2011 8:24 AM, Wil Alambre wrote:
> Andy Dharma donned the douli hat of light, and though it floated inches
> above his head, he immediately felt an astonishing weight collapse upon
> him.
> It was like an entire other reality had been tucked inside, that it all
> poured out and soaked into his pores, muscles, and bones. The very
> heart-stuff of galaxies and nebulas, ground down into a near invisible
> mist, latching onto every one of his atoms, turning each into a
> condensed solar system of themselves. His skin felt like it was a
> stretched membrane trying to hold this new everything inside while still
> keeping the old everything out.

Oooh, nice description.

> "You are unbalanczed. You cannot be truszted with coszmic power." Her
> hand closed into a fist and squeezed. From every direction, the spectral
> fish tossed out their determination in crisscrossing grey lines, trying
> to ensnare his mind.

Queen Buzzz and the Seuss-Fishes are an unlikely alliance, but I can 
understand why it happened.

> "No more of this," he said. Standing to his full nine feet, he pointed
> directly at Queen Buzz and declared, "I challenge the Super Wizard From
> Space in cosmic challenge and you shall bear witness."

That's an interesting tactic.  If I were a super martial arts master, 
I'd invite my enemies to fight each other first.  Didn't it take a 
congress of seven cosmic powers to set up that challenge?  Might that 
take priority over other conflicts among crownholders?

There might be explanations, of course.   Maybe the Super Martial Artist 
 From Space just finds it wise for both of them to fight the enemy who 
isn't there.  Queen Buzzz can hardly object.  And it makes for a good 
story about Our Hero.

> "You can no longer harm me. Not while I am engaged in my challenge. The
> crowns prevent it. All you can do is watch." He couldn't help a feeling
> of gloating as he saw her face try to repress some very ugly
> frustration. It was so satisfying to see that normally beautiful visage
> lose control.

Good to see the benefit of that tactic.

> "Kill him, Andy Dharma," demanded Queen Buzz. "Kill the Szuper Wizzard
>  From Szpace."

They both seem awfully confident that the Super Wizard From Space still 
exists.  I guess their crowns would know if he didn't, though.

It's great to see the plotline develop some more.

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