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On 2011-10-05, at 8:54 PM, Scott Eiler wrote:

> On 10/5/2011 10:29 AM, Wil Alambre wrote:
>> Brody leapt over the sweep, and struck the jade wall with an extended
>> pinky, shattering it with the Bull Finger Of Unpredictable Wisdom! Then,
>> with his other hand a fist above his head, he brought it down in the
>> High Old Hammer!
>> Andy decided against the traditional defensive maneuver and instead
>> struck back up with his own closed fist in the Sapphire Stream Hammer!
>> The blows met each other like two mountains striking one another. There
>> was a cacophony of crashes, pillars were toppled, and everyone but was
>> blasted clear off their feet!
> I had to read twice to soak in the cinematic martial arts.  I'm not sure I get it the subtleties yet, but it was good for you to show what happens when two super martial artists both do similar devastating maneuvers.

I was meaning to give it another read through or three, to make sure that all the goofy-named action was as clear as possible... but I eventually said "screw it" and posted it. Didn't even have my friend do his normal grammar-check read-through, as I didn't want to let the issue "slip".

Having said that, I had a barrel of fun writing nonsensical martial arts action. Big thanks to an online randomly-generated kung-fu move generator I found somewhere :P

>> Andy was knocked back again, to the far wall in a crumple. He couldn't
>> help letting out a chuckle as he righted himself, trying to brush away
>> the dust and fine debris kicked up by the massive shock.
>> He heard a light laugh that mirrored his own amusement. "Ho ho ho! It
>> has been decades since that's happened!" said Brody cheerfully from
>> somewhere in the confusion. "Do you remember the first time our father
>> chastised us for countering one blacksmith-school move with another?"
>> Andy smiled at the memory. "Absolutely. Punishment was to scrub clean
>> the  stone stairs of the mountain. From the valley floor to the peak! It
>> took forever! And eventually we learned it wasn't because he was angry
>> but..."
>> "...but because he had broken his hand! And wanted the time to heal
>> before facing us again!" Brody finished.
>> The two shared a laugh, unable to see each other in the settling dust.
>> Only when the moment passed did they start moving purposefully again.
> I like how the villain (if such he really be) looks human here.

Thanks :)

>> They took a pause, the perfect moment demanding that they appreciate the
>> surroundings.
> Another nice moment.
>> Then the sky cracked open and vomits an unimaginable blackness.
> ... "vomited" may be the appropriate tense.

You are correct, naturally. :)

>> It splattered out of a split in the folds of nowhere, like a viscous
>> fluid with no shape of definition. It poured almost consciously, a
>> sentience behind an ultimate darkness, threatening to flood the valley
>> with a liquid void.
>> Then the sky cracked a second time, expelling a familiar shape. A
>> massive circular disk a mile in diameter of perfect metal, still
>> vibrating from a blunt strike to its center.
>> It crashed into the valley between the two mountains, the ricocheting
>> sounds deafeningly harsh. It settled flat halfway down in a sudden
>> booming stop. It shook the entire world.
> ... Did it get perfectly wedged on the way down?  Did it bounce?

Should have been clearer here. I'll try to correct that in the next issue.

>> The darkness vibrated with the sound, unable to resist the power of the
>> magnificent instrument, and the monstrous darkness broke apart into a
>> tidal wave of fine black sand.
> ... Now *there's* a darkness incursion.  If you were trying to describe "the" Ultimate Darkness, you did better than I recall myself ever doing.
> Speaking of which, insofar as I can grant permission, Ultimate Darkness is of course Free For Use.  It's what DC Comics calls The Darkness Before Creation, after all.

Ah, good. I had it turn to "sand" because I didn't know how much permission I had, but I did want to have a nod to your crossover issue. :)

>> The anchor fell away. The straw hat popped off Brody.
>> Flipping it over in his hands, Andy immediately donned it himself.
> Another good suspenseful bit of super power politics.  Of course, if the Super Wizard has made it back, he may have a reaction.  On the other hand, the Gong may have come back without him...

He'll be there next issue, no worries.

>> Whew, where have I been? Work schedule got busy, Netflix made some
>> excellent shows available, I've been hanging out with some friends,
>> trying to start up a second D&D game. Its all added up, I suppose.
> Congratulations on getting "it's" vs. "its" right up to now!  Three out of four times, it's really "its".

So close this time! *snaps fingers*

>> Oh, and PS, apologies for the RACC site.
> Why?  Did it fart?

I switched from an auto-updated script to doing it by hand... and haven't been doing so. Its currently updated with big gaps, but I haven't "skipped" anyone on purpose. I'll attempt to fill in the gaps.

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