[MV] The Super Wizard From Space #19: The Echo People, Part 3

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Wed Oct 5 18:54:25 PDT 2011

On 10/5/2011 10:29 AM, Wil Alambre wrote:

> Brody leapt over the sweep, and struck the jade wall with an extended
> pinky, shattering it with the Bull Finger Of Unpredictable Wisdom! Then,
> with his other hand a fist above his head, he brought it down in the
> High Old Hammer!
> Andy decided against the traditional defensive maneuver and instead
> struck back up with his own closed fist in the Sapphire Stream Hammer!
> The blows met each other like two mountains striking one another. There
> was a cacophony of crashes, pillars were toppled, and everyone but was
> blasted clear off their feet!

I had to read twice to soak in the cinematic martial arts.  I'm not sure 
I get it the subtleties yet, but it was good for you to show what 
happens when two super martial artists both do similar devastating 

> Andy was knocked back again, to the far wall in a crumple. He couldn't
> help letting out a chuckle as he righted himself, trying to brush away
> the dust and fine debris kicked up by the massive shock.
> He heard a light laugh that mirrored his own amusement. "Ho ho ho! It
> has been decades since that's happened!" said Brody cheerfully from
> somewhere in the confusion. "Do you remember the first time our father
> chastised us for countering one blacksmith-school move with another?"
> Andy smiled at the memory. "Absolutely. Punishment was to scrub clean
> the  stone stairs of the mountain. From the valley floor to the peak! It
> took forever! And eventually we learned it wasn't because he was angry
> but..."
> "...but because he had broken his hand! And wanted the time to heal
> before facing us again!" Brody finished.
> The two shared a laugh, unable to see each other in the settling dust.
> Only when the moment passed did they start moving purposefully again.

I like how the villain (if such he really be) looks human here.

> They took a pause, the perfect moment demanding that they appreciate the
> surroundings.

Another nice moment.

> Then the sky cracked open and vomits an unimaginable blackness.

... "vomited" may be the appropriate tense.

> It splattered out of a split in the folds of nowhere, like a viscous
> fluid with no shape of definition. It poured almost consciously, a
> sentience behind an ultimate darkness, threatening to flood the valley
> with a liquid void.
> Then the sky cracked a second time, expelling a familiar shape. A
> massive circular disk a mile in diameter of perfect metal, still
> vibrating from a blunt strike to its center.
> It crashed into the valley between the two mountains, the ricocheting
> sounds deafeningly harsh. It settled flat halfway down in a sudden
> booming stop. It shook the entire world.

... Did it get perfectly wedged on the way down?  Did it bounce?

> The darkness vibrated with the sound, unable to resist the power of the
> magnificent instrument, and the monstrous darkness broke apart into a
> tidal wave of fine black sand.

... Now *there's* a darkness incursion.  If you were trying to describe 
"the" Ultimate Darkness, you did better than I recall myself ever doing.

Speaking of which, insofar as I can grant permission, Ultimate Darkness 
is of course Free For Use.  It's what DC Comics calls The Darkness 
Before Creation, after all.

> The anchor fell away. The straw hat popped off Brody.
> Flipping it over in his hands, Andy immediately donned it himself.

Another good suspenseful bit of super power politics.  Of course, if the 
Super Wizard has made it back, he may have a reaction.  On the other 
hand, the Gong may have come back without him...

> Whew, where have I been? Work schedule got busy, Netflix made some
> excellent shows available, I've been hanging out with some friends,
> trying to start up a second D&D game. Its all added up, I suppose.

Congratulations on getting "it's" vs. "its" right up to now!  Three out 
of four times, it's really "its".

> Oh, and PS, apologies for the RACC site.

Why?  Did it fart?

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- Major Honey, scripted by Grant Morrison, Doom Patrol #46, August 1991.

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