LNH/Contest: Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 2 #45

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Andrew Perron (pwerdna at gmail.com) wrote:

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> Hmmmm. Doesn't he have to invoke some sort of "what really happened"
> explanation for this kind of change?

Strictly speaking, yes. IIRC the one or two times he's tried to go 
"it just happens" it's backfired on him. That said, I often gloss 
over his rationalisations - especially in cases like this when the 
text is already wordy with explanations.


>> Retcon Lad saw this, and said, "No, we are not using a time 
>> machine to visit the cities of Sodom and Gomorra, twice."
>> "Well, darn," said ARAK, apparently not particularly upset by 
>> this. "I obviously need to work on my poker face."
> I don't quite get this bit, tho. Does he mean to get Retcon Lad to 
> zap the angels?

My intention was that ARAK wanted Retcon Lad to zap the Judeo-Christian-
Islamc god. But now that I think about it I'm not sure what was the 
agency directly destroying those cities and turning people to pillars 
of salt. {googles} No, the angels were there to judge the inhabitants, 
but Yaweh was the one reigning fire upon the cities and the plains. I 
must be thinking of the old Ostrander issues of _The Specter_ where the 
Spectre acts as God's hitman in this (and other) matters.


> Heeheehee. (Also, wouldn't the bitch goddess be Hecate? ``)

Yes, but I'm not expecting precsion when people are throwing insults 


>> "You're right," ARAK agreed. "Come on, let's get out of here."
>> They stepped back across the fourth wall, and were gone.
> ...so where exactly are they going?

Somewhere off to the north and west where there are likely to be normal 
human cities rather than myth lands.

> Also, one thing that sorta bothered me: Retcon Lad going straight for 
> the lethal option. Seemed a bit dark, even considering that she was 
> historically/mythologically going to die anyway.

You know, thinking about it that's a good point, and one that I hadn't 
already thought of and simply decided to gloss over. I really don't have 
a quick answer for that one.

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