META: The RACC Hall of Fame?

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at
Wed Nov 30 16:03:45 PST 2011

Since it's close to RACCie season.. (I guess Andrew will wait till 
January to post the RACCies stuff).. I'm wondering if we're going to do 
the RACC Hall of Fame voting in 2012?  I guess Andrew will be doing 
them?  (If he doesn't want to, I suppose I could do them again.)

What did we decide -- did we want a minimum of 4 different people 
nominating and 5 different people voting for this time?  And some grace 
periods if we don't get the minimum by the deadline?  I think a minimum 
of 4 people nominating and 5 people voting is certainly doable.

Also we might as well post the first nomination thing some time in 
December since everything in 2011 wouldn't be eligible anyways instead 
of waiting to post it in January.

And how about when the next one should take place?  In 2014?  2015? 
2016? 2092?

Arthur "RACC the Halls" Spitzer

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