[MV] The SUper Wizard From Space #24: The House Of Blinding Light

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On 2011-11-26, at 12:26 AM, Scott Eiler wrote:

> On 11/25/2011 7:25 PM, Wil Alambre wrote:
>> Here, the Super Wizard From Space finally let his shoulders sag. Here,
>> the wizard relaxed.
> Not the best mixing of tenses... but a great description of where the Super Wizard feels at home.  And you got "its" right, too!  8{D>

I really appreciate these slaps on the wrist as I'm still working on the more technical aspects of writing. Hopefully I'm improving on some of the simple mistakes, like "its" and "your" and such. A couple things I know I need to work on is my tenses, as I continually mix them up. I also need to do more research before writing (something I'm finding gratifying in the upcoming arc) and a few drafts/reviews before posting (choice of words, flow of sentences, etc).

Keep pointing them out, I'll keep trying to do better :)

>> In another empty pillar he placed the cosmic crown he had taken from the
>> Invisible Monks. The family Dharma seemed relieved to be free from the
>> burden, able to focus on matters closer to them.
> Magnificent way to stow the Cosmic Crowns.  Now, do power-crowns stored in a place of power have power too...?  Or does the Super Wizard realize, two of the same cosmic power mostly cancels out?  Or does it even matter to anyone? ...

Just thought it was visually interesting and it I don't have to worry about him carrying them around... Fletcher Hanks's original Stardust uniform didn't have any pockets, after all. At some point, if they all get collected together, something will have to happen. Wouldn't really be comic-book fiction if it didn't.

>> It wouldn't take much to let the fusion have it. It took more effort to
>> keep it from being vaporized in the core. He stared at the spot the
>> dress had disappeared to, and though he knew it was there somewhere, he
>> could not see it again.
> My plot sense is tingling!  It senses a new plot thread!

There was a Stardust story Fletcher Hanks did where the super wizard saved an unnamed woman in a red dress and invited her to stay with him at his private star. It was clumsy and surreal, reading more like a man picking up a stray cat for a pet than the budding romantic subplot it was supposed to be (doubly odd that it was never mentioned again in any super wizard story, the incident or the woman). I don't know if I'll go anywhere with the red dress, but I wanted to have a small nod to it as it was probably the only time in Hanks's stories that the wizard displayed any personality other than the "fight-crime- punish-evil" trope.

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