HCC: HCC#24 Le Challenge French (and Team Xero #14)

Jamas Enright thad at eyrie.org
Mon Nov 28 00:28:57 PST 2011

(I won? Really? Must have finally worn down the competition! To stop you 
from picking me again, I present...)

Le Challenge French

There's been a lot of French bashing in media, especially in comedy. It's 
the easy go to joke. (How many of you are thinking of the Simpsons quote 
right now?)

So, to attempt to redress that imbalance, my challenge is: a French Hero. 
Entirely up to you if she or he succeeds, or is even competent, the point 
is to have a hero that is French.

And, a bonus challenge! (Just because.) One scene, however related or not, 
is set during breakfast.

Let's not drag this into Christmas, so entries in by... Sunday 18th 

So, to kick things off, although it's not part of the official entries:

Team Xero #14:

When trouble goes down, there is one man that knows it. One man that 
opposes it. One man that can sort the world out. And, best, of all, he's 


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