LNH20: Earth-Twenty Roundup Thread And Getting The New Tag In There

Lalo Martins lalo.martins at gmail.com
Tue Nov 22 20:46:05 PST 2011

quoth Andrew Perron as of Wed, 23 Nov 2011 04:23:58 +0000:
> On Sun, 20 Nov 2011 15:50:26 +0000 (UTC), Lalo Martins wrote:
>> Then came the Killfile. He escaped it, possibly by virtue of his powers
>> being so weak, and continued “pulping away” at cases that were also
>> below the Killfile's radar, probably sometimes with Kid E.
> *nods* Note also that the Killfile literally only affected the US - for
> example, you could jump right across the border between Alaska and the
> Yukon and have it switch on and off (though possibly with messy
> effects).

Actually, you said that, and I've been thinking about it... and I think 
it's a dangerously bad idea. In a world already used to superheroic 
weirdness, that would simply mean things would start happening in the UK, 
Canada, and of course Japan... I think it pretty much kills the 
effectiveness of the whole Killfile idea. I think it should extend over 
the whole planet.

(Also, the thing with the elder gods and whatnot.)

As it is, based on the story ideas posted so far, I see a lot of story 
possibilities in making it planet-wide, a lot of dangers in making it US-
only, and no ideas that depend on that, or would even benefit...

>> Probably very frustrating, since
>> magic didn't actually work as long as the Killfile was in place, so he
>> had to practice and hope he was getting it right... but on the other
>> hand, he was able to read a few tomes that, without the Killfile, would
>> have destroyed his mind or corrupted his soul or something like that.
> Hmmmmm.  I figure that the Killfile didn't mess with magic itself so
> much as humans' ability to use it.

Yes, but same result in the end... it's not that the magic wasn't there, 
just he wasn't able to get any visible results, even if he was saying the 
incantations and doing the gestures right.

>> As for outfit, he'll always have an
>> extremely old-fashioned 3-piece suit in a dark color, mystical
>> implements and ingredients stuffed in every pocket, and a black or gray
>> trenchcoat.
> Ooooooh.  Hm.  Y'know, why not go for a wool peacoat instead?

I suppose. But of the down-to-the-knees kind (a “bridge coat” according 
to Wikipedia).

> Well, if he's a magic-type with facial hair, he needs a goatee.  Else
> you just look silly.

That's how I first imagined it, but I was hesitant in making him look too 
much like... me :-P

>> And if anyone says that's a rebooted Weirdness Magnet, I'll be forced
>> to answer, “well, not intentionally”.
> Mwahahahaha.  Fun how the same ideas recirculate in our heads, isn't it?

Being a bit of a weirdness magnet myself, I'm possibly a bit obsessed 
with the idea of how a sensible yet flexible person would deal with the 
degree of weirdness you get in a super-hero world. Or, for that matter, a 
sci-fi world such as the Whoniverse or Stargate. Modern fantasy worlds 
not so much, because that's already a recurring theme in the genre.

-- Lalo “not that I'm sensible” Martins

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