LNH20: Earth-Twenty Roundup Thread And Getting The New Tag In There

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Sun Nov 20 23:07:36 PST 2011

On Nov 21, 10:08 am, Adrian James McClure <lord_sold... at yahoo.com>
> Another thing: is the Peril Room OK to use? Did it have a particular
> creator, or are we just treating it as part of the general LNH setup
> along with the other LNHQ elements? It's just a Danger Room parody so
> we could easily call it something else if we had to. My issue has a
> twist on the whole "initiation by Peril Room" thing. (Where did that
> get started, anyway?)

The Peril Room was introduced in Raymond "wReam" Bingham's Sieze

We already had a thread about Peril Room initiations so the research
has already been done.  I will copy and paste my previous comments.

"In "Dramatic Introduction (After a Fashion)" (April, 1993), the
appearance of Kid Chivalry by Andre Condon, Ultimate Ninja says "Now,
instead of calling a vote, which is a pain, I'm just going to give
a trial run in the Peril Room." and that predated the alt.ernatives
that would be the classic example.  Indeed, in LNH Comics Presents
Special #2 (August, 1994), Ken Schmidt had Deja Dude (of all people)
say to Kid G "Well, we could
always test your abilities in the Peril Room.  (See _Dramatic
Intro...After a Fasion_ by Andre' -K) Normally, I would do the
testing, but I think someone else might be more...apropriate."

"That being said, Glitch Girl's Peril Room session was in Glitch Girl
#6 but it was in Glitch Girl #5.5 (July, 1994) that Doctor Stomper
asked her "By the way, when would you like to schedule your Peril
initiation with Ultimate Ninja?" so I don't know if it's Ken Schmidt
or Marie Antoon who we should credit for making it a gag.

"In any case, in R.E.J.E.C.T.S. '95 #1 by Christopher Michael
Girl Watcher lamented about being rejected after a session in the
Peril Room and then Ben Rawluk wrote "Legion of Rejected Net.Heroes
#1" in 1996 and
there was the line "LNH try-outs down there. Second door on the
The Peril Room." so it apparently became a running gag without me


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