RACCCAFE: The New Crowd

Andrew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 13:10:28 PST 2011

Things were hopping tonight, as the LNH20 characters found their way
to the RACCCafe!

Tippy O' Tipp had declared everything on-tap 20% off. The new Kid
Enthusiastic was at the door, arguing that he was plenty old enough to
come in, and anyway, alcohol didn't have any long-term effects on
him.  It wasn't working, but that was more likely because of the
fireworks stuffed into his pants.  Doc Nostalgia was in the corner,
telling admiring onlookers a story about how much better the Superguy
Authors' Altverse was, while Cat Lady snuck up behind him wielding the
mummified corpse of Peelix with a mad glint in her eye.  Master
Blaster and Twaelia were arm-wrestling, and Explain-the-Joke Lass was
telling Lass Lady why froppucinos made people's heads explode.

Ultimate Mercenary and Sig.Lad toasted at the bar.

"Feels good to have regular work again," said UM, taking a drink of
his <beer>.

Sig.Lad took a long pull his <other beer>. "Just backstory scenes for
me, but there's talk of a story arc down the road."

"Think you'll die again?"

"Yeah, probably." He sipped. "Not the same as the old days."

"Nah, but that's for the best.  For example, in the old days, Tom
Russell wouldn't be allowed to lounge around naked."

"Indeed, my friend, indeed."

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, lounge singer?

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