LNHX: Nick Furry #1: LNHX Origins #5

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On Nov 14, 5:08 am, Martin Phipps <martinphip... at yahoo.com> wrote:

>   "What I am offering are my services," Manga Man said, "and my
> services always come with a fee.  This isn't an interrogation.  This
> is a negotiation."

Y'know, you're not exactly in a position to make demands--

>   "He isn't a terrorist," Irony Man said.  "He's a mercenary.  I'm
> willing to pay $50 000."

...orrrr maybe he is.

>   "And what do you think you can do?" Darksnide asked.  "You people
> are like ants to me!"
>   "There is one thing I can do," Irony Man said and then added:
> "Occultism Kid!  Now!  Open the portal just a little bit!"
>   Occultism Kid relaxed and the portal opened just a little bit,
> enough for Darksnide himself to fit through.
>   "No!" Darksnide said, realizing what the heroes had in mind.
>   "Yes!" Irony Man said as he threw Darksnide through the portal.

Well, that was easy!

>   Manga Man handed Irony Man his business card.  "Pleasure doing
> business with you."
>   "If next time you take on another job that puts us on opposite
> sides," I warned him, "we will take you down.  Hard."

Or possibly just pay you off again.

>    I sighed.  "Normally I would say no," I said.  "I don't like
> working with amateurs."

Man, it's always with the having to have experience in this business.

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