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On Nov 12, 5:44 pm, Andrew Perron <pwer... at gmail.com> wrote:
> This is worth pulling out into its own thread.  I've been thinking about
> this for a while.  Three things:
> 1.) A new LNH website. I was thinking of hosting it off my web space... but
> then I ran into money troubles.  Which doesn't means I'm necessarily
> opposed to setting up an Apache server...  Of course, now that Lalo's back,
> he might want to polish up lnhq.info so that we could make that the central
> site.

I think any new LNH Web site should include a terrific welcome page
(which LNHQ has), access to the Wiki (which LNHQ has), links to
RACC (personally, I'd like to see that go through Wil's Ego, so that
his terrific covers would be displayed) and the LNH Author's Group.

Links to the archives might also be handy, as well as the How-to-
(which have begun showing up on the Wiki, thanks Andrew!) and
perhaps links to creator pages (which are still available at the
though I suspect most of them are no longer active).  Naturally,
there should also be links to the LNH Facebook page, and the
LNH webcomic...

> 2.) Project Wonderful ads.  This seems the most efficient way to let people
> in appropriately geeky places know who we are.

This brings up the question: what do you see as the target
audience for RACC?

I'd love to see us targeting groups for young writers who are
(potentially) excited about super-heroes, like 826 Valencia
(http://826valencia.org) and the young writers program at
NaNoWriMo (http://ywp.nanowrimo.org/).

But that's the teacher in me — others might prefer an
older demographic...

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