StarFall: Official Guide to the StarFall Universe #1

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> > Hmmm, volume S to S, looks like.
> More  like "Primary Heroes", to be honest.  It was just coincidence
> that the top three heroes of the setting at the moment start their
> names with "S".  Next ish, when it gets written, will be all over the
> alphabet.

Aw.  I always liked the odd juxtapositions you got with the
alphabetical volumes.

> > This is precise enough that I'm wondering if you statted her out in an
> > RPG. (And if so, which!)
> I haven't actually statted her out - YET - but I was looking to stat
> her out in GURPS 4e (my current favorite system), as I did Hugh.

Ahhhhh, makes sense. (Ever notice I make a lot of comments like this?
Tell me if they get annoying.)

> Very few people/entities that showed up during the Reality Quake
> actually stuck around after it was over.  The Grays faded, never
> having gotten their flying saucer back from Roswell; the herds of
> triceratops faded; the Martians in New Jersey faded... okay, Gojira
> seems to have stuck around in Tokyo, and Tesla has remained, but
> they're the exceptions, not the rule.

Ahhhhh, I see.  The more permanent effects tended to be the subtler
ones, then.

> Jeff's still walking the side of the angels, but Jade... ah, poor
> Jade.  *Something* inside her broke, but was it before or after she
> pulled the trigger?

I wonder how Hugh knows her... and how much he knows about her?

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, who's Hugh's?

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