LNH/META: Promotion!

Andrew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Sat Nov 12 17:44:38 PST 2011

Over in the LNH20 thread, On Sun, 13 Nov 2011 01:08:45 +0000 (UTC), Adrian
James McClure wrote:

> Also, once we actually get this thing up and running, we should start
> getting the word out more about the LNH on the wider internet. Maybe
> set up more of a presence on TVTropes.

This is worth pulling out into its own thread.  I've been thinking about
this for a while.  Three things:

1.) A new LNH website. I was thinking of hosting it off my web space... but
then I ran into money troubles.  Which doesn't means I'm necessarily
opposed to setting up an Apache server...  Of course, now that Lalo's back,
he might want to polish up lnhq.info so that we could make that the central

2.) Project Wonderful ads.  This seems the most efficient way to let people
in appropriately geeky places know who we are.

3.) Making RACC itself the main pointer for conversation - specifically,
the Google Groups interface.

What'cha think?

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