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Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 12 12:47:50 PST 2011

On 11/12/11 11:01 AM, Lalo Martins wrote:

> So let's have a quick vote? But before we start voting, let's see what
> are the actual candidates. Anyone who has different thoughts please post
> as a reply.
> Core title:
> - Legion of Net.Heroes (v3) [simplest]
> - All-New Legion of Net.Heroes [Andrew thinks it will get old and it's a
>    valid point]
> - Epic Legion of Net.Heroes [Epic is the internet's superlative of choice,
>    so if we want to go the superlative route, I motion we make Epic our
>    theme superlative; it's a though one to live up to, tho, because it has
>    a very definite literary meaning]
> - LNH20 Comics Legion of Net.Heroes [Ultimate style]
> - [there's no core title]

I think LNH v3 would open a can of worms... what happens if people in 
the Classic LNH imprint want to go to the next volume... would they have 
to call in LNH v4?

I think LNH Epics sounds better...

How about LNH Action?  LNH Adventure?  LNH Stories?

> Flashback/backstory title:
> - Tales of the LNH
> - LNH Origins
> - LNH Beginnings
> - LNH The Lost Years
> - Epic Origins
> - Epic Flashback
> - LNH20 Comics Origins
> - LNH20 Comics Tales of the LNH
> - LNH20 Comics Tales
> - LNH20 Comics Flashback

LNH Times Past?

> Everything else is of course single-author, so each author uses whatever
> title they feel like :-) except of course if we decide for a strict
> format (eg LNH20 Comics<foo>), I suppose it's easy enough for everyone
> to use that format. Not that I'm too mad about the idea.
> -- Lalo “itching to start writing already” Martins

Arthur "The Thrilling" Spitzer

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