MISC/HCC: HCC#24 Team Xero #13

Jamas Enright thad at eyrie.org
Sat Nov 12 00:58:13 PST 2011

[Okay, technically late for Rob's deadline, but we haven't seen anything 
(at least I haven't), and I only just had an idea, so here's my entry.]

It's all very well seeing the superheroes get out there, fight the bad 
guys, and win the day, but what about the other people? Support staff have 
issues too.


Although the set-up was for minor character, I don't have a lot of 
characters in the first place. And Trish has been in videos before. But 
she doesn't have any super-related role, and is seen in the 
opening/closing, so...

Jamas Enright
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