LNH20: Earth-Twenty Roundup Thread And Getting The New Tag In There

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Fri Nov 11 23:31:00 PST 2011

On Fri, 11 Nov 2011 19:13:59 +0000 (UTC), Adrian James McClure wrote:

> Awesome! But I kind of wanted Captain Killfile around in the present,
> though maybe with vastly diminished powers, so we could have him as
> the archenemy of Fearless Leader. 

Perhaps Captain Killfile is released somehow - some kind of automatic timer
or something - and is searching for the way to get back in and finish the

> Or her? Is Captain Killfile male or
> female in this 'verse, and who's his/her mother? 

Definitely female.  And I thought everyone knew that I was Captain
Killfile's mo-- *stampeded by weevils*

(It will be *so refreshing* to have male hero/female villain without an
ounce of sexual tension.  I can't wait.)

> Anyway since Captain
> Killfile is loosely the equivalent of Mordred, he/she could be, not
> the actual son of Sig.Lad but maybe his former sidekick or something,
> and Felix was always kind of jealous of him. And even more angry at
> him for having that role and then betraying it. 

Ooooh, yes.  I like it.

> The
> office of every Death of a superhero universe has a revolving door.
> It's no wonder so many of them turn evil. (Gaiman's was an exception,
> but then again she was a Vertigo character and mainly dealt with
> normal people.)

And the Black Racer was way too cosmic for that sort of thing.

> The original Death of the Looniverse-20 was one of them. Together with
> his Heralds, such as Voidmaster, he wreaked chaos throughout the
> universe and fought many net.heroes and villains.

Innnnnnnnnteresting.  Does he get a name beyond "Death"? (Perhaps a
reference to the cosmic beings Killfile and Are.Em.  See Limp-Asparagus Lad

> No one
> wants the job of being Death of a superhero universe. Any self-
> respecting anthropomorphic personification would rather get a job
> flipping poisoned burgers to punish the gluttonous in Hell than take
> that job. Everyone who has it gets shunned at Anthropomorphic
> Personification conventions. (AKA Anthrocon, whenevery they hold one
> in a worldline resembling ours they get a bunch of confused people in
> fursuits.) But Death was expelled from Anthropomorphic Personification
> U. when he caught the head of the College of Shinigami in a
> compromising position with a Great Old One, so now he's stuck here.

...this paragraph.

...I love this paragraph.

...have I mentioned that I'm glad to have you on-board?

(That said, I'm afraid we're scaring people off by constantly replying to
each other.  Don't be afraid, folks!  Toss your ideas into the ring!)

> Whenever he can, he interferes in any attempt to come back from
> the dead using the arcane (in more sense than one) regulations
> concerning resurrection. Sometimes mystical or ghostly net.heroes such
> as Professor Penumbra will act as psychopomps, helping them escape the
> (sometimes literal) labyrinths of beureacracy that Death creates.
> (This was influenced by one of blogger Mightygodking's ideas about Dr.
> Strange.)

Oh, man.  He must *hate* the auto-resurrecting Kid Enthusiastic. (Who, I
have decided, is conscious as a floating spirit while he waits to come
back.  He probably helps with some of this pompery.)

> He's
> also hopelessly in love with Mother Time and will sometimes break or
> bend his beloved regulations to fight the Legion to gain her love,
> kind of like a reverse Thanos.

Oooooh, interesting.

> Death has a highly dramatic suit of black armor with roller skates (a
> la the Black Racer) which he is required to use when he interacts with
> superheroes outside of his Office, but he hates it. 

*giggles* Does he carry a hockey-stick-scythe?

> Basically hate
> hates all the tropes of the superhero genre in spite of being in an
> importan tposition in a superhero universe, rather like Brian Michael
> Bendis.


Also, apropos of nothing: Atlantis on Earth-20 didn't sink.  It lifted up
into the sky, and is still floating around up there.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, been watching Miyazaki.

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