LNH20: Earth-Twenty Roundup Thread And Getting The New Tag In There

Adrian James McClure lord_soldeed at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 11 19:46:28 PST 2011

As for Minority Miss:

I don't like the idea of her having powers related to her heritage, as
that seems to cross the line between parodying comics' use of
stereotypes and indulging it. But I do like her having swiss-army-
knife like powers. Or alternatively she could have electric powers,
like half the black heroes in the DCU. (There was once a Wikipedia
category for "African-American heroes in the DCAU with electrical
powers.") She could also be a cyborg of some sort. I unfortunatley
haven't read enough of her stories to comment on her personality,
though she seems more balanced and together than many of the new
LNHers. So she'd be the equivalent of Donna Troy. In the sense of
being together, not in the sense of dating a creepy older man or being
retconned into incomprehensibility.

The name "Minority Miss" can easily be seen as condescending/
steretotypical, much like "Black Lightning." But then again, she was
the first. Much like Black Lightning. Well, technically, she wasn't
the first non-white LNHer--that was Kid Enthusiastic, but he's a manga/
anime-inspired character and the racial dynamics of manga fandom are a
little bit different from mainstream-comics fandom. She's a little
ambivalent about her role in the new universe as a major LNHer. On the
one hand, she sees the need for increased diversity in the new LNH,
the days when almost all the internet was white are long gone. On the
other hand, she's not sure she deserves to be made into this much of a
major character. (She's one of the characters who is aware of the
nature of the reboot--which means that she may be able to relate more
to certain beings Andrew was hinting about on the Author's group.) Her
archenemy is extremely racist pulp author and arcanist H.P. Hatecraft.

Before joining the Legion, Minority Miss was a member of the short-
lived New a.Outsiders, which consisted of:
herself, equivalent of Black Lightning
Extremely Boring Man, brother of Ripping Dancer, who has the power to
bore through things in an extreme manner and is also extremely boring,
equivalent of Geo-Force (I've never much liked Geo-Force. I don't
think anyone does except Brad Meltzer.)
Cute-Anna, equivalent of Katana
... I don't know who the Metamorpho equivalent would be.
Flood, sort of a revamped/gender-flipped version of Constellation,
equivalent of Halo. (Or if Dvandom doesn't want that, she could be
called Diva, after another Beyonce song)
and Sexy-Disturbed-Sparkly-Vampire-Man, former sidekick of Chromium
Age Very-Disturbed-Scary-Creature-Man (equivalent of Batman AND
Looker). Actually the main reason I made this post is to mention him.

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