StarFall: Official Guide to the StarFall Universe #1

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> Hmmm, volume S to S, looks like.

More  like "Primary Heroes", to be honest.  It was just coincidence
that the top three heroes of the setting at the moment start their
names with "S".  Next ish, when it gets written, will be all over the

> > Known Superhuman Powers: In addition to her superhuman strength, the
> > Sentinel possesses superhuman agility, durability, and senses.  If she
> > has more than five feet beneath her, she will always land on her
> > feet.  She is also able to see at a hundred feet what most people see
> > at twenty, and hear in ranges bordering the ultrasonic.
> This is precise enough that I'm wondering if you statted her out in an
> RPG. (And if so, which!)

I haven't actually statted her out - YET - but I was looking to stat
her out in GURPS 4e (my current favorite system), as I did Hugh.

> > History: As a young boy, Hugh Knight was trapped in his father's
> > office building when it was caught in the middle of a superhuman
> > battle on the day of the Reality Quake, only to be saved by one of the
> > superhumans before they faded.
> Interesting, faded, eh...

Very few people/entities that showed up during the Reality Quake
actually stuck around after it was over.  The Grays faded, never
having gotten their flying saucer back from Roswell; the herds of
triceratops faded; the Martians in New Jersey faded... okay, Gojira
seems to have stuck around in Tokyo, and Tesla has remained, but
they're the exceptions, not the rule.

> >    Hugh's childhood friends, Jeff Hawkin and Jade Wong, have assisted
> > him in his efforts by infiltrating the Los Angeles underworld; in
> > particular, the Los Gatos Del Rio gang and the Xiang Li Tong,
> > respectively.
> Which has just turned out smashing for him. >.>;

Jeff's still walking the side of the angels, but Jade... ah, poor
Jade.  *Something* inside her broke, but was it before or after she
pulled the trigger?

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