LNH20: Earth-Twenty Roundup Thread And Getting The New Tag In There

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Fri Nov 11 11:13:59 PST 2011

On Nov 11, 12:37 pm, Andrew Perron <pwer... at gmail.com> wrote:
> Oho, very nice.  I'm imagining... the killfile was actually supposed
> to be stronger (possibly exiling all net.ahumans from reality - shades
> of ASH!), but Sig.Lad used the fact that he was mortally wounded to
> open the gate to Avalon (Ava.LAN?), drawing everyone else in and
> freezing the process halfway.  Now the Saviors, including Captain
> Killfile, are stuck in suspended animation - but if they're released,
> the killfile will reappear, stronger than ever!

Awesome! But I kind of wanted Captain Killfile around in the present,
though maybe with vastly diminished powers, so we could have him as
the archenemy of Fearless Leader. Or her? Is Captain Killfile male or
female in this 'verse, and who's his/her mother? Anyway since Captain
Killfile is loosely the equivalent of Mordred, he/she could be, not
the actual son of Sig.Lad but maybe his former sidekick or something,
and Felix was always kind of jealous of him. And even more angry at
him for having that role and then betraying it. Also, to explore their
relationship to their common enemy, Death.

Being the Death of a superhero universe is always a difficult
position. Given the way superheroes and villains come back from the
dead all the time, you start to feel completely insignificant. The
office of every Death of a superhero universe has a revolving door.
It's no wonder so many of them turn evil. (Gaiman's was an exception,
but then again she was a Vertigo character and mainly dealt with
normal people.)

The original Death of the Looniverse-20 was one of them. Together with
his Heralds, such as Voidmaster, he wreaked chaos throughout the
universe and fought many net.heroes and villains. In the 1990 he
fought an epic battle with the Saviors of the Net during which he was
slain. The current Death of the Loonvierse-20 was forced to take his

This Death is a scrawny, pale blonde man in his early 20s in an
immaculately pressed suit that's one size too big for him. No one
wants the job of being Death of a superhero universe. Any self-
respecting anthropomorphic personification would rather get a job
flipping poisoned burgers to punish the gluttonous in Hell than take
that job. Everyone who has it gets shunned at Anthropomorphic
Personification conventions. (AKA Anthrocon, whenevery they hold one
in a worldline resembling ours they get a bunch of confused people in
fursuits.) But Death was expelled from Anthropomorphic Personification
U. when he caught the head of the College of Shinigami in a
compromising position with a Great Old One, so now he's stuck here.

Death is actually not that bad of a guy outside of his job. But he
hates all net.heroes and villains as a matter of principle. He's
basically a spiteful, petty bureaucrat stuck in a terrible job who
makes life miserable for everyone he comes into contact with in his
work. Whenever he can, he interferes in any attempt to come back from
the dead using the arcane (in more sense than one) regulations
concerning resurrection. Sometimes mystical or ghostly net.heroes such
as Professor Penumbra will act as psychopomps, helping them escape the
(sometimes literal) labyrinths of beureacracy that Death creates.
(This was influenced by one of blogger Mightygodking's ideas about Dr.
Strange.) If they do come back, Death will act in subtle ways to make
life difficult for them. Death especially hates Fearless Leader and
Captain Killfile for the role they played in killing his predecessor
and getting him into this mess. He has also been plotting for some
time to resurrect Voidmaster to attack Ava.LAN and kill the Saviors
sleeping there, even though he hates resurrections on principle. He's
also hopelessly in love with Mother Time and will sometimes break or
bend his beloved regulations to fight the Legion to gain her love,
kind of like a reverse Thanos.

Death has a highly dramatic suit of black armor with roller skates (a
la the Black Racer) which he is required to use when he interacts with
superheroes outside of his Office, but he hates it. Basically hate
hates all the tropes of the superhero genre in spite of being in an
importan tposition in a superhero universe, rather like Brian Michael

> Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, I need to re-read Constellation.
> Again.

Rereading Constellation and Dvandom Force is always a good idea.
Better than rereading Manga Girl. (But again, everyone's got to start

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